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Kotivu Assess is an innovative and interactive platform that enhances proper identification of personal strengths, weaknesses and preferences embedded in individuals and professionals. Employees are most times regarded as the most important assets for business growth and sustainability, it’s therefore pertinent that job-fit mistakes during selection procedures are reduced to the barest minimal. Kotivu Assess has designed an assessment portal for individuals, groups and organisations to aid proper selection and sorting of candidates’ qualities to suit the requirements for specific job-roles which will in turn enhance the achievement of business goals and objectives.

The Kotivu Assessment Portal can be used by any individual; it will help individuals discover their personality characteristics and emotional competencies such as interpersonal skills, communication skills, self-discipline, empathy and motivation which are all relevant for success in the workplace.

Kotivu Asses has been designed to measure individual competencies as required by an organization such as problem solving skills, personal preferences or personality and social intelligence. After taking the Kotivu-Assessment, a result will be generated to give the individual insight into dominant qualities and qualities that can be enhanced via learning and training. Kotivu Asses aims to give insight into desirable and profitable qualities in people that businesses look out for, additionally, individuals have access to information that helps them identify personal strengths and weaknesses, it further gives a guide on how to develop such weaknesses- it aids personal self-development.

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Selecting the right kind of people, in the right place at the right time, doing work for which they are economically most useful has never been more important than it is today. Recruiting mistakes can be very costly and damaging to businesses.

Kotivu Recruit platform enhances recruiters and head-hunters connect with both active and passive candidates on-line. The K-ATS also merges skills, experiences and expertise with job requirements for possible interview invites. The system is also customised to aid on-boarding of new employees with the system and processes of particular organisations.

The Kotivu Talent Acquisition Suite comprises;

  • Kotivu Connect - An automated recruitment tool used for attracting and engaging passive candidates.
  • Kotivu Select – The Kotivu Applicant Tracking System that aids sourcing, filtering and the recruitment of top talent in an efficient and cost effective way.
  • Kotivu On-Boarding - An on-boarding platform that automates the transition of new hires to productive employees at work.

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Every employer requires well-trained, highly skilled and intelligent employees, who are highly competent in personal values and interpersonal relationships, an easy and cost-efficient way to enhance personal values and develop your team’s capabilities is via Kotivu Learn – Learning in Your Space at Your Pace.

Kotivu’s learning solution is designed for people to ‘learn while doing’; it eliminates the one-way lecturer-student traditional method of learning and introduces an interactive model where the candidate is an active participant in the learning process.

The Kotivu learning platform is designed for:

  • Recent graduates interested in developing their skills, abilities, interests and knowledge in particular fields, which will enhance individual success in areas of work and personal endeavours.
  • Professionals and Executives experienced in various fields and seeking to develop competencies that will keep them at a leading edge as compared to peers in the competitive world of work.
  • Entrepreneurs interested in creating a competitive and sustainable team that will result in productivity, sustainability and profitability of the business locally and internationally. It’s also suited for entrepreneurs who want to develop specific skills in areas relevant to their need and business.

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Discover new ways to support employees and citizens by boosting digital literacy in your community or state. Kotivu.ng Digital Library web platform combines the efficacy of Content Management System and core internal process management into a robust single portal to address the challenges of students, lecturers, researchers, organization, staff, trainers/consultant and management. It provides a cost effective and efficiently managed resource for learning and research. Our digital library is delivered and viewed in a variety of multiple access modes: over the internet, mobile app, tin client, digital vision, webinar and lecture theaters.

Libraries matter. They promote literacy and personal growth that boosts the quality of life. They provide gathering places that add value to neighborhoods. Cost-effective kotivu.ng solutions are designed to support your public library’s community programs and the employees who drive their success.

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